Children ask "Why?" all the time. And their parents, their teachers (and their God) always find it hard to word an answer in a way that a child can understand. That's how I see Your answer to St. Paul, "My grace is all you need." (It's better than "because.") It's true, even though I still ask "Why?" Your grace is all I need. It should be enough to know You love me, and that Your loving me is demonstrated in my possession of all I need, and that being forgiven enables me to forgive others I know. It should be enough to know You still will raise the dead and the resurrection is the one thing that will help me when I die. Your grace is all I need. It's strong because it comes from a father and gives hope to a child - me.
Father, it is strange enough to think of You in human terms, but even stranger still to realize that You are thinking of me. What do You think of me? I have the feeling Your attitude toward me is one of love (that just seems to go along with the idea of Father). Which leads me to conclude that You see me as a child - Your child.
Jesus said, "I and the Father are one."
He also said, " Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father."

I am the Eternal One. I am your everlasting Father, and I do not hide Myself from you or veil my plans in mystery. There are those who think I cannot be known. But the opposite is true. From the first, I am He who has come to commune with my children. I came to show my concern, to tell you in words of truth and simple terms what I am like. Again and again I have spoken plainly, and even audibly to plain people. All that I articulate--in my Word, in your thoughts, or in wise counsel I direct to you--has one purpose: I want you to know Me, and to know I am flawless. I am wholesome and utterly whole.

~W. Phillip Keller, What is the Father Like?